Thanks for your interest in the work of Sustainable farming Solutions!

We want to give you an overview of who we are, and what vision and mission we are standing for.


In 2019, Tonthoza Uganja founded Sustainable Farming Solutions (SFS). Today, we are a team of ten people intending to grow and support a strong network of professionals capable of complementing SFS’s mission.

Our focus is to supplement restoration and conservation goals by firstly taking on projects that restore the potential of land, watershed, and forests while assisting rural farmers with the establishment of sustainable farming systems that are integrated to meet livelihood needs in the context of a changing climate.

We work on projects that allow for the regeneration of indigenous woodlands and restoration of agrifood systems in rural communities. We believe that we can restore biodiversity and heal ecosystems by reducing the pressure exerted on natural systems while allowing rural farmers to have small farms that are profitable.

Our biggest motivation comes from knowing that the rural communities we work with have sustainable land-use systems that can be replicated for a bigger impact.

Mission Statement

It is SFS’s mission to become the leading land restoration service provider that caters to both large and small scale farms, forests and woodlands by providing quality and high-value services to its clients, improving ecosystems while building a network of sustainable climate farmers across the country.

Vision Statement

To become a major player in the development of the Agroforestry sector in Malawi.